Our Story

Is it possible to know a person from a few words? The answer is yes.

On the basis of the latest socio-psychological research in combination with the powerful methods of AI, we have succeeded in capturing the personality of a person from their texts.

Based on their words, 100W gives insight into people's personalities, relationships, feelings, ways of thinking and needs. In combination with consciously formulated words, our tools make the unconscious, transparent through communication. For now, it is being used in areas of customer support, marketing, and HR - but the possibilities are vast.

Since founding 100W in Heilbronn in April 2017, we have come a great step closer to our vision: To understand people and help them build better relationships with each other. We have developed 100W Psychological AI into a highly validated tool for measuring personality traits from texts.

With our top experts in psychology, data science, computational linguistics and software development, we continue improving 100W for your benefit. We are excited about what the future holds for us. 100 words might not be enough.

The Team


Simon Tschürtz

Founder & Managing Director
M.Eng, M.Sc. Data Science
5 years project leader with AUDI

Daniel Spitzer

Founder & CPO
M.Sc. Psychology
Since 2012 scientific research specialist on language and personality



Lutz Büch

Head of Data Science
PhD Computer Science

Prabal Bansal

Dev Ops, Server Security and Data Science
M.Sc. Data Science
5 years working experience in the IT sector

Aswathy Velutharambath

Data Scientist
M.Sc. Computational Linguistics
Since 2016 scientific research specialist on computational linguistics
Larissa (2)

Larissa Kaiser

20 Years of experience in building and leading international sales teams

Tim Schell

Sales Manager
Banking Professional

Chetan Singh

Data Scientist

M.Sc. Data and Knowledge Engineering
R&D on Natural Language Processing


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