Next Level Email and LinkedIn Marketing

Create ultimate results through AI powered personalization and automation.

Gain decision influence using the right words

How we help you to overcome your biggest challenges in Leadgeneration

How does it work


Smart Identification

Harnesses AI to find ideal LinkedIn™ contacts by analyzing e.g. people’s public reactions and companies’ published job ads, matching profiles to motivation.

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Deep Personalization

Creates messages that resonate deeply with each lead's interests using sophisticated language AI.

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Integrated Automation

Merges marketing automation with advanced GPT and Second Layer AI for targeted outreach.

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Effortless Multichannel Approach

Executes a fully automated, multichannel lead generation, maintaining quality with minimal manual input.

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Boost your entire lead gen. funnel by combining all our tools

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AI + Psychology + Communication + Automation


KPI Improvements you can expect from our solution

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Understanding of thetarget group

100 % understanding your target audience

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Better responses

87% more responses for LinkedIn messages

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Time saved

90% of the time of identifying leads and creating their interest can be saved

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More qualified leads

2x more leads

Customers relying on our technology

What customers say about us.


Lead Gen. Co-Pilot

US$ 1.199,88 per year

  • Co-Pilot License for one year - cancel any time
  • works in conjunction with one LinkedIn Account
  • Aenean tristique eget ligula ac pretium. Morbi commodo tortor
  • Fully automated growth of candidate network
  • Multi-channel reach out
  • LinkedIn extension
  • Multilingual capabilities (DE, EN, IT, FR, ES, PT)

Marketing Ads & Personas Generator

US$ 1.199,76 for 24 profiles/month;

  • Use any of our pre-defined profiles or develop your own custom profiles
  • Duration of usage of each profile: 12 months
  • Optimize your marketing campaigns to appeal to your target group
  • Understand the motivation and needs of your target personas
  • Works in conjunction with one LinkedIn account
  • LinkedIn extension included
  • Multilingual capabilities (DE, EN, IT, FR, ES, PT) Package valid for one full year