Does this sound familiar?

  • Too few applicants to your job ads or too high cost per applicant?
  • Significantly fewer female applicants?
  • Little and mostly no positive feedback on direct contact via LinkedIn or by mail?

Write effective job ads

Based on a data analysis of thousands of LinkedIn profiles, Psychological AI knows exactly which phrases will give you more success in talent acquisition and suggests them to you while creating the job ad.


Remove the subconscious gender bias

Female applicants perceive masculine language in job ads as more than 25% less attractive. Therefore, make sure you use language that appeals to both genders. 

Improve your job ad now for free

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Understand your talents

Recognize each talent's personality and use it to highlight the exact points that resonate positively with them. 
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Improve your active approach

The software takes care of using the exact wording that best resonates with the talent. That's how you stand out from the crowd and win over the A-players.

Get our extension for LinkedIn Recruiter

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