The power of motives

You want to emotionalize your target group and influence them in a positive way? Whether in the HR area, in sales or in marketing - you should understand the motives of these persons!

Because only those who address these motives will generate a positive response!

But which motives exist? Research distinguishes between three main motives:

  • Power: This motive refers to the desire to exert power and influence.
  • Affiliation: This motive refers to the desire of establishing and maintaining connections with other people.
  • Achievement: This motive refers to the desire to improve oneself and acquire new skills.

In addition, the regulatory focus of the individual is critical:

  • Promotion: This motive refers to the desire to achieve positive change and success.
  • Prevention: This motive refers to the desire to avoid losses and mistakes.

The combination of these motives and the focus results in 14 personality types, all of which should be addressed differently in order to persuade them to take action.

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